Napowan Adventure Base - updated March 29, 2020

Napowan is the summer camp Troop 22 has attended since 1987. 2020 is our 34th consecutive year at Napowan! We have explored other camps and we believe this camp offers the best combination of activities, merit badges, advancement opportunities, staff and comfort. The camp is located near peaceful Wild Rose, WI.

We also have the best camp site in the entire camp: Wolf A (see the map of camp).

Here are some things you will want to know about camp:

New for 2020

  • BMX Bike Course
  • Photography Merit Badge
  • Paddle Boarding

Camp requirements

Scouts must have attained at least the rank of Scout before attending camp. This is because the prerequisite for earning merit badges is that they must have earned Scout first. In addition, new scouts must have successfully completed at least one other campout without a parent attending.

Medical Forms

All participants (scouts and leaders) are required to use the current form, which can be found here. Be sure to use the Resident Camp program. Previous year's forms or school medical forms will not be accepted. Parts A, B and C need to be completed along with a copy of both sides of your insurance card. These forms need to be turned in well before we leave for camp, please see the due dates on the Troop Calendar. IMPORTANT: On the first page of the form is a place to list who can/cannot drive to/from camp. Please state "any registered Troop 22 leader" to avoid problems. Do not list specific names if possible.

Merit Badges

For a list of Merit Badges being offered click here. Some merit badges have prerequisites - requirements that must be done before arriving at camp.

All scouts must have a schedule of merit badges and other activities so that they can accomplish their goals for camp. Some merit badges are only offered at specific times of the day, others are open. Make a list of the merit badges you wish to take and the leaders will help you make it into a schedule.

Things to bring with you:

☐ Lunch for the trip up on Sunday morning. Must be 100% disposable!
☐ Sleeping bag or blankets
☐ Flashlight (if desired)
☐ Pen or pencil
☐ Watch (inexpensive)
☐ Any medications (turn in Sunday morning - MUST be in original containers in a ziplock bag)
☐ Clothing (for a whole week!)
☐ One pair long pants, and a jacket or sweatshirt are required (it gets cold sometimes)
☐ Scout Handbook for those not yet First Class
☐ Uniform (wear on Sunday)
☐ Swim Suit (wear on Sunday under uniform)
☐ Towels (swimming and bathing). Best to keep bathing towel with you on Sunday as you will likely take the swim test before we unpack the trailer.
☐ Scout cap (required)
☐ Other hat (optional) - it's recommended scouts wear a hat whenever possible to help reduce sunburn.
☐ Purple Troop 22 shirt (for meals)
☐ Rain coat or poncho
☐ Additional pair of shoes (open toe shoes are permitted ONLY at beach or to/from showers)
☐ Air mattress, cot or pad (optional but must fit in less than half the space of the tent)
☐ Soap, deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, comb, etc. NO aerosol cans!
☐ Insect lotion (NO aerosol cans)
☐ Merit Badge homework
☐ OA sash (OA members)
☐ CPR card (if you earned one) for merit badges that require it
☐ For swimming merit badge: long sleeve, button-type shirt and long pants are required - these will get soaked!

Remember to label everything with your name - especially purple shirts since they all look the same.

Don't Bring:

Lighters / matches
Anything in an aerosol spray can
Anything valuable
Tents (scout tents are provided by the troop - two scouts per tent)
Cell phones are strongly recommended to be left at home! They cause an unnecessary distraction in camp and there is of course always the risk of loss or damage.
Food - unless you have enough to share with the troop. NO FOOD IN TENTS!

Weather at Napowan

The weather is usually great, but sometimes it gets a little warm. And it does rain sometimes. And there was that ice storm one year. Anyway here is the current forecast so be sure to include clothes based on expected weather.

Scouts are required to wear their Field Uniform (tan shirt, Scout hat, neckerchief) to and from camp. While at camp, any tasteful clothing is OK, except at dinner we wear Troop purple shirts. A hat should be worn at all times but it does not have to be a scout hat except when traveling and at dinner.

Electronic Stuff
Electronic games, music players and cell phones may be used in the car, and will be left in the car while at camp (not responsible for damage caused by heat.) Cell phones will not be brought to the campsite by scouts - we have found them to be too distracting and cause other problems.

Parents are always welcome to visit their sons and observe the program and facilities at Camp. Since the Troop has a schedule of activities planned, please check with the leaders first, so that you don’t miss seeing your son. Parents may not stay overnight at camp, but there are other camping options nearby.

Early departures Scouts may NOT leave camp at any time without prior, written, approval from the parents - there is a specific form that is needed. If you anticipate this may come up, please discuss with the Scoutmaster BEFORE camp!

The troop will have a "bank" that the scouts can deposit money in and withdraw as desired. This helps reduce the amount of lost money. This does NOT mean the leaders will be monitoring how they spend their money. That is between the scouts and their parents. Put all money in a small unsealed envelope or sandwich size Ziplock-type bag with the Scout’s name on it. Include small bills, as the leaders will not be able to make change. No checks or credit cards! Spending money will be needed for certain merit badges and extra activities (and the Trading Post). $40-60 appears to be the average. Be sure to save money for lunch on the way home.

Some activities at camp are an extra cost:

  • Rifle Merit Badge - FREE
  • Shotgun – Estimate $30.00
  • Motor Boating Merit Badge - $15.00
  • Archery Merit Badge - $2.50
  • Watersports Merit Badge- $30.00
  • Space Exploration Merit Badge (Estimate) - $10.00
  • Cooking Merit Badge - $5.00
  • Open Water Skiing - $10.00
  • Open Shooting: 10 rounds (.22 Cal) - $1.00
  • 5 rounds (12 gauge) shotgun - $2.50
  • C.O.P.E. - FREE
  • Horsemanship - $70.00

Phone Calls
PLEASE discourage phone calls home. They are often disruptive and usually make any minor homesickness much worse! The camp does not have a pay phone and scouts should not have cell phones with them. Scouts and leaders may be contacted at the camp in an emergency, however the camp is very large and it could take up to three hours to locate a specific person. The camp's phone number is: (920) 622-3680

Mail at camp
Scouts LOVE to get mail from home at camp! USPS, UPS and FedEx all deliver to camp. Address mail as follows:

(Scout's name)
Troop 22
Wolf A Campsite
Napowan Adventure Base
N4789 24th Avenue
Wild Rose, WI 54984

Camp Napowan Trivia

  • Camp Napowan was founded in 1946
  • Camp Napowan is situated on two lakes, Lake Napowan and Hills Lake.
  • The camp property is currently 393 acres in size.
  • Lake Napowan was originally named Funk Lake, and the name of the camp comes from the name of the lake
  • Hills Lake is named for the Hills (Hills Brothers Coffee) family who owned large properties in the area
  • The Hills family donated a cabin, which was taken apart, moved and reassembled in the Flintlock village by the camp ranger. It is now used for the Graphic Arts Merit Badge.
  • The dining hall is the oldest building on camp (not counting the Hills cabin), and the dining pavilion is the newest
  • Harrison (then known as Harry) Ford was a camp counselor at Camp Napowan in 1957. He was on the Nature staff and you can see his name on the staff paddle for that year in the old dining hall.
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